Exam Results

My exam results page state that I passed by compensation - does this mean I have to repeat the exam?

My exam results page state that I received less than 40% in one element of a module however the result listed for the module is ’Pass’. Does that mean that I repeat that particular element of the module?

My exam results page incorrectly states that I was absent/deferred an exam - what should I do?

I feel that I did better in my exam than the mark I received - what are my options to get the result checked or appealed?

When will Exam results be released?

What does Absent mean?

What is Consultation day?

When are the repeat Exams?

What are the appeal deadlines?

If I submit an appeal for a non passing modules, should I sit the Autumn exams?

Should I attend Autumn Exams?

If I attend Autumn exams and fail 10 ECTS from the Summer Exams, can I progress into the next year of course?

I want to take a Leave of Absence, how can I apply for this?

Why are results released at different times?

What does incomplete mean?

I have a query on a module result, who can I contact?

When will I confer?

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