Campus Account

Campus Account Overview


Campus Account provides staff access to computing services (other than *)

Campus Account provides access using a single User ID and Password to eMail (Exchange 2010)Staff Desktops, CORE PortalOnline Payslips (via Employee Self Service - ESS)PC Suites, NUIGWiFi, Library SystemsBlackboardStaff IntranetParkingSite managerIRIS - Institutional Research Information System 

Note: * Agresso and Quercus passwords are separate to your Campus Account password.


IMPORTANT: You must activate your Campus Account using a temporary activation password

Current Staff 
If you are a current staff member of NUI Galway, you will need to activate your Campus Account using your temporary activation password. Contact the Service Desk for your Temporary Activation Password 

New Staff 
Contact Human Resources for your NUI Galway Staff/Payroll number.

User ID: User ID is your Username. The format for a staff Username is derived from your staff/payroll number. The format is 7 digits followed by s. If your staff/payroll number is less then 7 digits, include zeros at the start. 
e.g. Staff/Payroll number = 12345, Staff login Username = 0012345s

Password: Contact the Service Desk for your Temporary Activation Password

Note: Your temporary activation password will expire 15 days after Human Resources have assigned your Staff/Payroll ID number. You must activate your Campus Account within this timeframe.


To activate your Campus Account

  1. Go online to
  2. Login using the following credentials: 
    User ID - is your staff Username 
    Password - is your Temporary Activation Password
  3. Complete the activation questions
  4. Choose your new Campus Account Password. Your Campus Account is now active.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For further queries please contact the Service Desk.


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