Staff Intranet


What is the service?

The staff intranet is a Web site for staff to provide communicative as well as social content. The key features of the Staff Intranet include campus news, staff news, president’s news, alerts, and university events as well as community content that include have your say, polls, classifieds, new appointments, congratulation, and with sympathy.

Who can use the service?

Any member of University staff with a Windows Active Directory account (ACDomain or MISDomain). All staff can view content as well as contribute to University events, staff news, have your say, polls, and classifieds.


  • On campus access only (24x7)
  • The staff intranet functions best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+
  • For support queries, contact the Service Desk (Tel. x5777 eMail
    from 09:15 to 17:00 (Monday – Friday)


Assistance can be found in the form of online help with Staff Intranet guides available in video and text formats.

Off-campus access to College/Committee Intranets - Instructions

Troubleshooting Tips for users

Support tickets must be logged by contacting the Service Desk (Tel. x3325 eMail  See Helpdesk FAQ's on Web - Staff Intranet Support (for internal viewing only). 

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