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Departmental Suites

Information Solutions and Services manages both General Access and Departmental suites. Users of both types of suite must abide by the University’s Code of Conduct and ICT Regulations

Departmental suites are reserved for use by students of individual departments or courses. In some cases access to these suites is restricted by swipe card or login restriction. These suites can only be booked through the Departmental administrator of each specific suite.

All PC Suites contain standard software applications and some suites have specialist applications, a software search facility is available for both General Access and Departmental Suites.

All PC Suites have printing facilities, more information on printing can be found here

PC Suite List

The following is an overview of all departmental suites :

Suite Name Location PCs
Aistriuchan!Block S - Ground Floor - Room 10321
ArchaeologyArts & Science Bld - 1st Floor - Room 20313
Arts Faculty Training CentreArts Millenium Bldg - Ground Floor - Room AMB G03016
BIS1!Cairnes Building - 2nd Floor - Room 24030
BIS2!Cairnes Building - 2nd Floor - Room 24130
Child & Family AILAS - Ground Floor - Room G0074
Child & Family BILAS - Ground Floor - Room G0096
Clinical Science LibraryClinical Science Building - Basement11
E.Business CommerceCairnes Building - 1st Floor - Room 24430
Economics!Cairnes Building - Ground floor - LSA (Laptop Study Area)19
Education UpperEducation Building - 2nd Floor - Room D30119
Engineering Computer Lab 0037!NEB - Ground Floor - Room 003720
Engineering Computer Lab 3001 !NEB - 3rd Floor - Room 300120
Engineering Computer Lab 3003 Suite!NEB - 3rd Floor - Room 300316
GISArts & Science Building - First Floor - Room 21641
HUBAras na Mac Leinn - Ground floor - Room 113 18
Huston Film SchoolEarls Island - The Bubble Bldg Gnd Floor & First Floor Of Block Q Room 202 And Block Q Room 206.8
Irish Centre for Human RightsEarls Island - Irish Centre For Human Rights - Room 110.9
Journalism!Arts Millenium Ground Floor AMB G02621
Library Assistive TechnologyLibrary - Ground Floor12
Library Nursing DepartmentLibrary Nursing Department (NL002B)24
Library Postgrad RoomJames Hardiman Library - 2nd Floor3
Library Training Room!Library - Ground Floor - Training Room22
M1LArts Millennium - Ground Floor - AMB G01721
M2LArts Millennium - Ground Floor - Room AMB G01821
M3L!Arts Millennium - Ground Floor - Room AMB G01925
MAP SuiteHBB Building - Ground Floor - Room G00841
Marketing & AccountingCairnes Building - First Floor - Laptop Study Area20
Masters in Social Work!Aras Moyola - 2rd Floor - Room 32920
Mathematical ScienceArus De Brun- Ground Floor - Room ADB G021A20
MBS3Cairnes Building - Ground Floor - Laptop Study Area38
Nursing Studies!Aras Moyola - 2nd Floor - Room 34252
Pharmacology!Pharmacology Bldg - 3rd Floor - HBB Building - room 303329
Podiatry!Aras Moyola - 3rd Floor - Room 42317
Psychology Health Postgrad SuiteNew Engineering Bldg - Third Floor - Room 305316
Psychology Suite!Arts Millennium Ext. - Gnd Floor - Rm G03558
Sociology & Political Science!Aras Moyola - Second Floor - Room 33012
Sociology & Political Science!Aras Moyola - Second Floor - Room 33112
Therapies!Aras Moyola - 1st Floor - Room 22920
!Access is restricted to students of relevant courses through logon credentials or swipe card access to these suites.