iPhone Know Issues

Changes made to recurring appointments via the desktop Outlook client do not reflect on the iPhone client, and vice versa
Specific example:

Change details on the occurrence of one recurring appointment on the desktop, e.g. move once occurrence to a different day or time, rather than reflect the changes in the iPhone calendar, the appointment will disappear altogether


 MS Outlook 2010 (14.0.4760.1000) (as part of MS Office Pro 2010)

 iOS v8.1.2


Turned off calendar sync on the device, rebooted and then resynced

Wait 5/10 mins for calendar information to resync


Some previously change recurring appointments which disappeared off the device should re-appeared on resync

Be aware after upgrade to the new Opeating system

The issue is very simple but possibly very costly. The new feature in question is called 'WiFi Assist' and is available on all iPhones that support iOS 9, barring the iPhone 4s.

The Wi-Fi Assist in Settings (Mobile Data) will "automatically use mobile data when WiFi connectivity is poor", which means the phone will use roaming in the event of a weak signal, even if you have roaming turned off.  This will use your data allowance much quicker than you may expected.  The default setting is that this function is switched on, so you will have to turn it off to avoid racking up costly charges.